The main components of seaweed fertilizer

Use seaweed fertilizer liquid is a giant ocean algae production and processing or adding a certain amount of NPK and trace elements out of a fertilizer processing. There are a variety of forms, but mainly on the market today: liquid with powder-based, there is a fraction of particle state. Sea kelp contains many substances, algae and seaweed plant growth regulators (hereinafter referred to as SWC) has been studied in the main active substance:

Cell kinetin

Cells, also known as cytokinin kinetin. It is a physiological activity of a class of purine derivatives. Back in 1969, Jennings on the kelp and other brown algae and red algae in the sand dishes endogenous cellular content and kinetin as plant growth regulator substances was studied. Since then, research in this area reported on the increase. Mooney and Van Steden in 1987 using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) method of analysis of the algae containing mainly t-zeatin, dihydro-zeatin, isopentenyl adenosine purine nucleoside and t-Zeatin Kinetin and other cells. Farooqi Japanese scientists in 1991 once again confirmed using NMR techniques in addition to containing the algae cells also contain Kinetin outside zeatin, zeatin riboside, 6 – (Aminomethyl) purines, etc., and confirmed the activity of these cells kinetin. Marine algae is also considered in the adsorbent, GC-MS technology to prove the growth of Fucus sea water containing 6 – (3 methyl-2 – butene amino) purine. SWC in the cell algae and kinetin can respond to most crops produced, the product of several SWC Kinetin activity in cell tests confirmed this view. Brain KR1973 first time in the SWC products (SM3) in vitro transplantation using carrots, in the SWC and without cells containing only kinetin medium for biological testing, experiments show that a high level of cellular activity of kinetin, kinetin and even cell at very low concentrations can also produce strong physiological response. Currently, through the identification and analysis of biological instruments have proved the SWC products contain kinetin cells.

The early work of William estimate SWC product Maxicrop kinetin in the activity of the cells is 25 ~ 200 mg / L, Algifert is 10 ~ 500 mg / L, SM3 is 15 ~ 150 mg / L. Blunden and Wildgoose using radish leaf bioassay method in SM3 cells confirmed the activity of kinetin equivalent to 125 mg / L. Other scientists have also confirmed that the South African kelp products Kelpak 66 with properties similar to zeatin (Zeatin, N isopentenyl adenine) of the material. Stable isotope dilution mass spectrometry (Mass spectrometric stable isotope dilution method) were determined Seasol, this commercial product containing SWC t-zeatin, t-zeatin riboside, isopentenyl adenosine and other concentration cells Kinetin glycosides.

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